Technology Used in neEV Cargo

Technology Used in neEV Cargo

Altigreen, is determined to change the way three wheeler electric cargo vehicles are manufactured and experienced in India. Having developed an indigenous technology after years of R&D the NeEV (high deck and low deck) are the most technologically advanced, affordable, economical and environment friendly vehicles in last-mile transportation in the country. Despite the advanced and futuristic engineering NeEV has a clear focus on a greener and a more sustainable mode of transportation.

Altigreen’s futuristic and technologically superior neEV cargo is equipped with cutting edge technology to offer a more efficient and sustainable mode of transportation for last mile delivery solutions. neEV is equipped with various advanced features to ensure optimal performance and reliability through challenging situations.

Reliability for a safe drive: Altigreen prioritizes safety by designing its electric vehicle drivetrain with enhanced reliability in mind. The electronic architecture is created to maximise the operational capability and support of the functional features of the vehicle. The embedded software stacks in the motor and the vehicle controller units dynamically recalibrate the electric motor outputs.

Staying Connected: Altigreen has revolutionized vehicle management with its advanced telematics system that utilizes CAN, MQTT, GPS, and GPRS protocols. The optimized data transmissions ensure seamless operation even in areas with low network coverage. The real-time drive data is analysed and reported through the company’s mobile and web based apps. With API-enabled software solutions, fleet management becomes more efficient through regular health reports, leading to increased safety, reliability and efficiency of the vehicle.

Efficient gearbox for power transfer : Altigreen’s special clutchless EV gearbox is designed to handle a full range of operations, all the way up to 10,000 RPM, to efficiently transfer torque and power to the wheels. The electric vehicle gearboxes have an optimized gear tooth micro-geometry by using the Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis (LTCA) technology that ensures long life of the drivetrain even in the most stressful conditions.

Powerful motor : Altigreen’s controllers ensure high energy conversion efficiency and improved torque by controlling output currents to the induction motor using FOC with STM or (PWM) in a closed-loop torque-control mode. The torque is controlled by indirectly controlling the quadrature and direct axis currents in an inner control loop to establish desired 3-phase output currents. To meet global EV performance standards, the controller utilizes field weakening in control of the output currents/voltages.

Battery for all weather conditions: Altigreen neEVs are equipped with crucial components called a battery management system (BMS) that helps to sustain the battery’s health and guarantee the vehicle's safety. The BMS is engineered to offer superior performance and is instrumental in providing long battery life. The Lithium-ion liFe04 (LFP) battery packs used in Altigreen EVs are suitable for harsh Indian environmental conditions and can function at high temperatures. These LFP batteries have undergone thorough testing including being subjected to 30G shocks on all three axes and are resistant to dust and water damage.

With the adoption of the EV cargos the last mile transportation solution has seen great improvements offering increased efficiency, cost saving and sustainability. With an advanced option like neEV , there are no two ways about the fact that the ride into the future looks superior, comfortable and smooth.
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