India sees rapid adoption of commercial EVs for last-mile delivery post pandemic

During the nearly two-year onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lives that we knew were disrupted without precedent. A homebound workforce had severe repercussions for industries like public transportation, retail, automotive sales, dine-in restaurants, and manufacturing.

On the flip side though, online retail flourished, as did the delivery and logistics industry. And a rising logistics industry, keen on optimizing operation costs, became more serious about adding EVs to their fleet — like the ones Altigreen makes.

EVs make perfect sense in such a scenario. When fuel prices are sky-high, a reduced cost of operation means better profit. EVs are loaded with electronics that generate tons of cloud data in real time. A data driven approach to fleet operation leads to higher efficiency.

In FY22, the Indian EV industry grew by a factor of three. The future is definitely electric.
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